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Easycall for Mobile Phones

Just stick the Easycall CMO onto your mobile to protect the user from the adverse effects from the electromagnetic radiation associated with all telecoms signals and the electronics of the handset itself.


The Traveller protects the wearer from the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation commonly encountered when we are out and about.

PCZone for Laptop/Tablet/PC/Mac

The PCZone protects those using their tablet/laptop/PC or Mac equivalent from the adverse effects caused by the WiFi, Bluetooth and device electronics.

Harmony XL

This big brother to the Harmony creates a protective bubble 8m in all directions. It is better suited for larger homes, schools, offices and animal barns.


The elegant Harmony creates a protective bubble 5.5m in all directions. Ot protects from the adverse effects of EMFs from all communication wavelengths. ring mains and electrical goods commonly found in the home. 


These EMF-free headphones distance the speaker electronics from being situated right next to your head, and the shielded cable stops it transmitting EMFs to your body.

The Problem

Electromagnetic fields at lower than accepted safety levels cause harm

Independent scientists have conducted literally thousands of studies that prove EMFs, at power levels officially considered to be safe, can have harmful effects at all stages of life from conception into adulthood.

The younger the age, the greater the risk. Children are demanding devices at ever earlier ages for increasingly longer periods of time. Parents give in for an easy life, not realising that the adverse health effects, in many cases, may not manifest for another 20 years.

Teenagers are equally at risk despite their more adult size whilst they are developing because their DNA is more susceptible to damage when it is replicating and dividing as happens with growing.

Lloyds of London insurance underwriters stopped covering EMF-related illnesses within their health insurance policies in 2015, no doubt taking heed of the World Health Organisation's decision to classify EMFs of all types as Class 2b "possible carcinogens" in 2011.  Following more recent research, some scientists have called for EMFs to be upgraded to Class 1 confirmed carcinogens, but the Telecoms Industry is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the World, and there are huge investments at stake in developing and deploying 5G and beyond, plus satellite systems and the Internet of Things.... Money buys silence.

EMFs are all around us at increasingly high levels.

According to Prof Olle Johansson of the Karolinka Institute, EMFs increased a quintillion-fold in the 10 years from 2006-2016. That's...


times more, and its still increasing at an even faster rate as more and more everyday objects are developed into SMART technology devices, ready to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Solution

CMO technology was scientifically developed to mitigate for EMF harms

With a background based on proper scientific research, the founders of Comosystems knew that for CMO technology to be worth doing and to be taken seriously, it had to be proven by independent researchers, and it had to make a measurable and statistically significant improvement to the parameters and biomarkers that are substantially disrupted by EMFs. There are a wide range studies in people and animals that prove the technology works. 

Bar chart showing some of the benefits from CMO

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There is no escape from EMFs, so mitigation is the best way.

Most of us would struggle to function without our mobile phone or our laptop/tablet and other electronic equipment and devices. They have become an indispensible part of modern life.

If all the different devices and crystals that claim to shield, absorb or modify the EMFs were truly effective, they couldn't help but interfere with the functionality of the devices we rely on. If you have anything that makes these claims, but you can still use your mobile or other devices normally, then you are still being influenced by harmful EMFs.

The ONLY way to maintain our health whilst retaining the functionality of our tech is to mitigate for the adverse effects they have on our body. When we do that, we can cope with multiple different frequencies, old and new, from all the different gadgets that now surround us and emit EMFs.

There is a range of CMOs to help protect you and your loved ones in a wide range of commonly encountered situations at home, at work, and out and about.

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