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Don't worry - we have the solution to ElectroMagnetic Pollution

Official Recognition

Approved by the AFSSAPS

"CMO is the best way today to compensate for the biological effects induced by artificial EMFs"

French Health Products Safety Agency

Live in Harmony with ElectroMagnetic Pollution


I'm really happy that I've learnt about Comosystems. I feel much more comfortable knowing I'm safe at home and my phone cannot harm me.

Scott Craig

Well this emf protector (Traveller) is a super bit of kit. Thank you so much!

As soon as I put it on, my feet chakras both opened (I have found it difficult to ground most of my life). My feet are no longer freezing and my clarity of thought is improving daily.

I sleep with it next to my bed and I am sleeping solidly through the night

DP, Derbys. NHS Nurse

I love how the Harmony looks and I'm relieved that I and my family are protected from EMF sources within and outside!

Sarah Collins

I had no idea my tiredness and headaches could be caused by this problem. I was shocked when I found out how much EM pollution there is, and there's no escaping it. Thanks to CMO I'm feeling better!!

Clare Clarke

Your Personal and Home Protection

Harmony - Your Home Protection

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Traveller - Personal Protection

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Harmony XL - Office Protection

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