Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)


  • Do You know about Your Baby monitor EMR Safety?

    Parents need to be aware of the risks associated with Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and how to reduce their exposure. Choosing a baby monitor should take into account whether or not it has EMR protection features in place so you can have peace of mind when your child is sleeping soundly.
  • 5G Mobile Phone Networks and Your Health?

    The fifth generation of mobile phone networks, 5G, may be bad for your health. Scientists and researchers are concerned that the high-frequency waves used by 5G will cause cancer and other health problems. There is already evidence that cellphone radiation can cause cancer, so it's important to be aware of the risks associated with 5G.
  • Do Our Products Protect against 5G?

    With all the stories and general conversations that are circulating at the moment, we just wanted to say…  Yes.  Comosystems products cover the...
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Did You Know?

    Did You Know...    Cell phones were allowed onto consumer markets without any proper government safety testing? And Did You Know...    Mo...