Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)

Do Our Products Protect against 5G?

With all the stories and general conversations that are circulating, at the moment, we just wanted to say… 


Comosystems products cover the current frequencies used for the 5G networks

At the moment, this cannot move to the higher frequencies (high-end spectrum) until the full 5G mast infrastructure is in place. 

This isn’t expected to be completed for a few years in the UK and longer in many other countries.

Comosystems is conducting ongoing research and testing and will upgrade or introduce new products when necessary. 

Remember all Electromagnetic Radiation from 2G, 3G and 4G affects your immune system.

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation.

✅ Eliminates the negative effects of EMR to our body and health. 

✅ Reduce the cumulative effects of Stress, Headaches and Fatigue caused by Wifi, Bluetooth, Phones and Internet Streaming etc. 

✅ Your children are at greater risk as they absorb 10 times more EMR. 

✅ Enjoy the Health Benefit of Peace of Mind, knowing You are protected.