Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Did You Know?

Did You Know... 

Cell phones were allowed onto consumer markets without any proper government safety testing?

And Did You Know... 

Most phones (in the legal fine print!) tell you not to hold the phone close to the body (ie against your ear or in your pocket) and to use the speaker phone where possible?

Did You Know... 

In 2011 the WHO classified all EMFs as Class 2b “possible carcinogens” along with exhaust fumes and asbestos

Did You Know... 

In 2015, Lloyds insurance underwriters stopped cover for all EMF-related illnesses.


Did You Know...

Are wireless earbuds dangerous? 

Experts warn that Apple’s AirPods (Bluetooth) could send an electromagnetic field through your brain.

250 scientists sign petition to regulate trendy tech.

Did You Know...

In 2015 France Banned Wifi in Schools, nurseries,  kindergartens and childcare centres across the nation that cater for children under the age of six.

In 2018 the French government banned the use of mobile phones in schools

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation.

✅ Eliminates the negative effects of EMR to our body and health. 

✅ Reduce the cumulative effects of Stress, Headaches and Fatigue caused by Wifi, Bluetooth, Phones and Internet Streaming etc. 

✅ Your children are at greater risk as they absorb 10 times more EMR. 

✅ Enjoy the Health Benefit of Peace of Mind, knowing You are protected.