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How do Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) affect our immune system?

Our immune system is our defence against invading harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

If our body encounters something new, the immune system starts a series of events to enable it to stop the current threat, and to remember it in case we meet it again for a quicker response. 

Scientists have found that the level of EMFs we are exposed to every day from cell phones, masts, WiFi and all the electrical equipment we rely on, can disturb our immune system and how it responds. The more EMFs we are exposed to the greater the potential they have to disrupt our immunity.

EMFs can make our immune system under-active or over-active. Either response is a problem for different reasons. 

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Protection from Electromagnetic Fields

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Who does EMF affect?

Everybody is effected to some degree, but conservative estimates of independent scientific researchers into EMFs, suggest that at least 40% of the population noticeably suffer from “mild to moderate” symptoms from EMF pollution.   

Why are so many people increasingly effected?

The average level of EMF pollution (also called electrosmog) has increased a Quintillion-fold 

That's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 in just the last 10 years. 

Consider the massive increase in electronic devices! In fact, think of the increase in just smartphones, let alone tablets, smart speakers, wearable technology and so much more.... 

The Government target is to have a smart meter in every home. 

Bluetooth, Wifi and soon the even more powerful and disruptive 5G WiGig will interconnect them all, engulfing us in ever more EMFs. 

Further expansion of microwave smart technology is destined to swamp us in our homes that will be taken over by the Internet of Things (IoT)!  It has been predicted that the average home will contain around 60 different smart gadgets!

How Do You Know If EMFs are affecting You?

If you aren't feeling as good as you once did, there has to be a cause!

  • Have symptoms progressively worsened over time as EMFs have increased?
  • Is time spent feeling well in the country followed by feeling poorly within a day or two of returning to a town or city?
  • Did symptoms begin or increase very soon after a new installation such as a stronger WiFi system at home or work, or a new cell-tower in the area?
  • Do you tend to feel better when you are out in nature and away from EMFs, or during a power outage, or when you turn off or get away from certain EMF sources?
  • Do you experience any adverse symptoms near cell towers, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, power lines, fluorescent lights, electrical wiring or any other electrical devices? 

If you answered yes to any of these, you are probably sensitive to electromagnetic fields and EMF’s may be adversely affecting You.

Family Pack EMR Protection
£428.40 GBP£395.95 GBP

What happens with an under-active Immune System?

If one or more parts of your immune system is low, and your immune function is under-active, you are classified as Immunosuppressed. When that happens, your immune system isn’t as strong or capable as it should be.  Infections become more likely, and potentially worse too, if you get one.

If you get frequent illnesses and/or when you get ill it takes you longer to recover from than you would normally expect, then you may be immunosuppressed to some degree. Everyday EMFs can cause this. When you get ill your immune system needs to mobilise and gear up, but EMFs can damage DNA and interfere with cell signalling in the body that is necessary to tell your body what it needs to do. This results in a slow response that is often not as strong as it needs to be either.

As well as suppressing your immune system, EMFs can also potentially increase the growth rate of pathogens (harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses and fungal infections). 

One study showed that moulds in the environment can produce 600 times more fungal spores in the presence of EMFs.  This will reduce air quality and increase the likelihood of respiratory infections.

If EMFs also suppress your immune system at the same time as increasing the numbers of microbes, you can ese that your body defences are being swamped fromboth directions - more invaders and fewer defenders.

The answer is to protect your body from the adverse effects of the EMFs.

What happens with an under-active Immune System?

If your body’s immune system is over-active it can react to non-threatening foreign entities as if they are a threat. Depending on how we encounter this foreign entity (called an antigen) you may experience a skin rash, shortness of breath or maybe an upset tummy. In the most severe cases the swelling can be life-threatening if it happens in the throat because it can constrict the airways and stops us from breathing. When the allergic reaction is that severe it is often described as an anaphylactic reaction.

Many of us get mild to moderate allergies such as seasonal hay fever, or at any time to certain foods.  Even a mild allergy is an indication that the immune system is out of balance and over-reacting.  EMF pollution can increase this reaction.

If the body starts to react against itself it is called an auto-immune reaction.  Depending on which tissues in the body it attacks this can be life-threatening in the most severe cases but is usually debilitating. 

Family Pack EMR Protection
£428.40 GBP£395.95 GBP