Frequently Asked Questions ...

The following questions are frequently asked. In many cases, the answers are covered on other pages, in which case the answers given here will be a brief summary with an indication of where you can read a more detailed answer.

If you have any other questions regarding  Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and/or CMO technology that are not answered below please contact us and we will happily do our best to answer your query.

1. How does CMO help?

EMFs are proven to cause harm at legally permitted levels. This occurs primarily through disruption of ion channels. Reaf more about the harms here

A CMO device is activated by the harmful EMFs that hit it. The CMO adds a compensating signal on top of the EMFs which reinforces the correct biological frequencies within the cells of those within range. This reinforcement signal stabilises us and prevents the harmful EMFs from interfering with and disrupting our normal biological processes. This means our cells function as normal, allowing us to live safely in harmony with the technology without altering the functionality of it, so we can still we enjoy the benefits from using it.

Read more about the science behind CMO here

2. How do I know it is working?

The ultralow power signal from a CMO has been measured which proves it emits the compensating signal. Find out how the CMO signal was measured in the Overview Summary here

Over 10 years of peer-reviewed research by different scientists around the world has demonstrated that the compensating signal has the required biological effect to prevent the harm caused by EMFs. See our research results further down the page linked to above.


3. How long will it take to notice a difference?

Your CMOs will start to work as soon as you start using them. How long it takes for you to notice a difference is an individual response determined by a number of factors.

  1. Different people experience EMFs to different degrees so you might be very conscious of the adverse effect they are having, or you might not think you're adversely affected at all but just want to make sure you're being as safe as possible. You may therefore notice very quickly that your known symptoms are starting to improve, or you may suddenly realise after some time that you are no longer getting eyestrain, or headaches etc that you hadn't realised were EMF related. 
  2. Over the first few weeks your body will adapt to the CMO and through a process called stochastic resonance will tune into the compensating signal. This will increase the beneficial and protective effects over time.
  3. If you ensure you have full cover for EMFs in the home, at work, from your phone, your tablet/laptop etc and out and about, then your body will be consistently protected, allowing the benefits from CMO protection to accumulate. If you only have one CMO that doesn't cover you for all the EMF influences you are exposed to then you might only feel benefits during the times you are covered and your body will see-saw between adversity and recovery at different times depending on what situation you in with or without CMO protection. For this reason we would encourage you to make sure you have the maximum protection at all times, although we appreciate that you might not be able to get all the required CMOs in one go, in which case you can start with what gives you maximum protection within affordability to start with and gradually add more CMO protection as you are able.  

4. How does CMO differ from other devices that claim to protect from EMFs?

Firstly, CMO does not claim to be a shield against EMFs.

It is not possible to totally shield the body from all EMFs unless you are in some sort of Faraday cage. Even then, some ultralow EMFs may still get through and cause a biological effect. If you were truly shielded then your technology (phone, iPad etc) will not work within the influence of the shield. Some natural electromagnetic frequencies such as the Schumann Resonance are necessary for health, and it would harm your health if you were shielded from them.

CMO works by emitting a compensation signal that influences the body and does not interfere or attempt to modify the EMFs themselves. The benefits of CMO have been verified through a number of research studies and by multiple scientists in different universities and laboratories that prove a real beneficial biological effect.

It is up to other technologies to verify their own efficacy and establish how they work in repeated experiments at high level research establishments. It is impossible to comment or validate any claim without this, which is why Prof Marc Henry singled Comosystems out as the only credible technology company based on real science.

The true measure of how well any material or device can protect you is whether there are measurable biological effects and if the biomarkers that are disrupted by EMFs improve and/or return to normal. It is largely irrelavant what a device claims to do to the EMFs themselves if your biological markers remain disrupted.

To our knowledge no other technology has been studied, researched and tested to the same extent as CMO. See our research here.

5. What scientific proof exists for CMO?

There has been 10+ years of research testing performed by independent scientists that have proven that CMO devices mitigate the adverse effects of harmful EMFs.

These have been carried out on a number of stress markers in people, as well as an ant study because they are very susceptible to the adverse effects of EMFs but are representative of how organisms generally are effected. 

There have been no negative research papers. 

There have also been many testimonials from people around the world who have benefitted from CMO. 

Original CMO technology devices were first built 25 years ago and are still fully functional today according to in-house research.

6. How is CMO affected by temperature?

CMO technology is stable from below 0°C  to 65°C. 

Due to the crystalline solution used to make CMOs it freezes below 0°C. When CMO freezes, there is temporary interruption of the mitigating signal which will be very much reduced in range. The programmed compensating signal is restored to full efficacy when it thaws. 

Above 65°C the mitigating signal is irretrievably destroyed. 

Your CMO is highly unlikely to be compromised as above under normal UK and Eire weather conditions.  However, we advise not putting your CMO in a situation where heat especially might accumulate, eg on top of a radiator or other direct heating source, where sunlight may be magnified and amplified through glass, in a washing machine etc.

7. How is CMO affected by X-rays?

If you are having a medical X-ray, you will be advised to remove all jewellery and metal objects from you and your person. You should follow this advice regarding your CMO which will help your body to recover from the X-rays when you start to use it again.

CMO technology is designed to function within EMF pollution zones so there are no issues arising from any devices going through security scanners or X-ray detectors. Just put them in the tray as usual, and there should be no problems.

8. Can I move my CMO to a new device?


NB: In order to remove your CMO button, we advise you to take a nylon thread and slide it between the Easycall and your old phone (or between your PCZone and your PC/laptop/tablet), and shear the adhesive pads off in order to carefully loosen and remove the CMO.

CAUTION: Do NOT attempt to remove an Easycall or PCZone from a device on which it is glued by pulling on it, or using a knife to leverage it off. You risk weakening the seal between the two metal parts enclosing the active solution. The guarantee does not apply if the CMO becomes unsealed as a result of an unsuitable removal or any other abuse that exceeds normal wear and tear. 

You can get new double-sided adhesive pads from an office supplies or hobby store. 

To ensure better adhesion, the surface of the device and Easycall/PCZone must be clean and smooth so the adhesive can stick properly. Clean any remaining pad and glue off your removed CMO using a regular alcohol-based cleaning solution before applying the new double-sided sticky pad. Simply apply it to your new device as originally directed.

9. If I have a Harmony or Traveller, do I still need an Easycall or PCZone?

Ideally, yes. 

A Harmony will deliver full protection against mobile phones and laptops when they are away from the body, on charge, or on a table etc. However, we tend to use them right next to the body, and many people carry their mobile phone in a pocket or tucked into other clothing. An Easycall and PCZone do not just protect against the telecoms signals but are tuned to the type of electronics used in the hardware that emits its own signal even when your devices are on airplane mode. They will therefore provide additional benefit when you use a device close to the body, and in the case of a mobile, when carried right next to the body too.  For this reason also, an Easycall cannot be substituted for use as a PCZone or vice-versa.

The extra protection from the telecoms signals too ensures full protection because the power output from the devices when they are in use so close to the body/head is much higher than the general level of EMFs we experience from more distant multiple sources. The Harmony and Traveller can deal perfectly well with these more distant and varied frequencies.  

10. How long do CMO devices last?

Comosystems have done in-house testing on products 15 years old with no deterioration of effect. 

The 2 yr guarantee was chosen because one of the universities involved with the independet research repeated their experiment 2 years later with identical results, suggesting that the effect does not diminish over time. The 2 year guarantee also takes into consideration the aluminium casing, although in the vast majority of situations it will last many years too, especially the Harmony devices that are often just placed in your home/office and left to get on with providing their protective bubble.

11. Why does the Government and Industry claim that the permitted safety levels are adequate?

Safety levels are based on an outdated belief that in order to cause biological affects, EMFs must have a thermal effect (i.e. have a heating effect). 

This belief was the basis of the SAR scale which is still used to determine safety levels. Industry-sponsored research is used to justify the ongoing expansion of the use of EMFs, whereas independent research provides most of the evidence of the dangers. A number of unclassified military documents from the USA and Russia also detail the harms that EMFs can cause at lowe than safety level power.

The testing procedures used to assess technologies such as mobile phones is not representative of how the devices and body truly interact in real life.

It has been proven beyond doubt that EMFs do not need to cause a thermal effect to alter our biology however much the Industry denies it. For more information go here

12. How does my signal strength indicator correlate to EMF strength?

Contrary to what you may logically think, the weaker the network signal, the harder your mobile phone has to work to maintain the connection. 

This means the emitted EMFs are potentially more harmful when you are making calls in a weak signal area, or in enclosed spaces such as a car where it regularly powers up to search for the next strong signal as you move around. 

This is why other so-called protection devices that claim to cut out or absorb EMFs can actually make the situation worse, if they can actually do what they claim at all. If they interfere/reduce the telecoms signal, your phone/tablet simply powers up to overcome the reduced signal and emits more EMFs itself.

13. Why are babies and children most at risk?

Contrary to what most people think, it's not just about size. It is correct that a signal that penetrates a certain distance into the body will go proportionally deeper into smaller individuals such as babies and children, but there are other factors too.

  1. EMFs harm DNA which is more active in individuals who are growing, ie all the way from conception to adulthood.
  2. Partly to do with growth, but also from a maintenance and body repair perspective, younger people have more stem cells in their bone marrow and circulating (mostly at night) that are susceptible to DNA damage.
  3. EMFs penetrate further into better hydrated tissues such as eyes, brain, testes etc, but younger people are generally better hydrated than older people, so EMFs go further in in absolute distance as well as relative depth to an adult.
  4. Babies and children have much thinner skulls than adults which offers less protection at young ages.

For more information see here

14. Why do people focus primarily on 5G?

With the massive increase in the amount of communications, the bandwidth used for 2-4G has all but been used up. New forms of communication must therefore use a different frequency. All EMFs can cause harm and have been warned about for many years prior to 5G. 5G represents another layer on top of what we have already and promises much more volume and many different frequencies.

5G uses higher frequencies in 3 different bandwidths. 5G currently uses frequencies close to 4G and might be considered to be more of an extension to 4G than something totally new, although 5G uses some different technologies such as phase array and beam-forming technology that differ from 4G. Higher frequencies have advantages for data carriage and download speeds in terms of Gb/sec compared to the current Mb/sec. 

However, the downsides are that the higher frequency has greater heating effects, is more disruptive and because it cannot be relayed over such long distances, requires a network of 5G masts much closer together and much closer to people's houses and places of work, recreation etc. 

In cities, higher frequency 5G masts will be placed approximately every 5-10 houses on street lights. The strength of the signal is highest closer to the masts which means many more people will be forced to live in close proximity to them with little prospect of being able to move away from them. 

These higher frequencies also cause much greater harm in insects such as bees who we rely on for pollination for food production.

15. What about shungite or organite?


Shungite is a crystal that can absorb some electromagnetic radiation but only what hits it and only certain limited frequencies. This was measured by painting a layer on the back of experimental mice under a lamp. It was therefore being used as a direct shield to absorb the light emited above the mice. No shungite pendant covers an equivalent proportion of anybody wearing it.

This ability is determined by the amont of fullerene carbon content, with the best absorption by high fullerene shungite which is expensive. A small piece of high quality fullerene will not absorb anything of consequence.

Wearing a pendant or putting it in your pocket won’t absorb what is hitting the rest of your body. Nobody knows how much radiation it can absorb before it loses effectiveness either. 

There is no research to prove it normalises the biomarkers that are disrupted by all the different frequencies we are currently exposed to. Similarly, there is no research for any other crystals having a protective effect according to this type of biological assessment either.


Orgonite is a mixture of different crystals embedded in a resin, but the same comments apply as for shungite. 

There seems to be no one precise recipe for organite either, yet we know from CMO development and testing that it is a very precise science to get the right effect that properly compensates for all the different EMFs and properly stabilises the ion channels.