How to use CMO

The following instructions will help you set up your CMO and get the best protection from it,  as well as how to move your Easycall or PCZone to a new device. If you have any questions after reading this then please get in touch with us using one of the contact options in the footer.

Harmony and Harmony XL

A Harmony protects all people and animals within an 11m diameter globe around itself, ie 5.5m in all directions.

A Harmony XL protects all people and animals within a 16m diameter globe around itself, ie 8m in all directions.

Placement of either should ideally be as close to the centre of your home/office as possible, taking into consideration where most time is spent during the day and sleeping.

For a 2-storey house this will typically mean placing it high up on the ground floor as near to the centre of the required zone of protection as possible, or low down on the 1st floor.

Long thin or irregular house designs may provide a bigger and more cost-effective overall protection from using 2 or more of the smaller Harmony devices rather than trying to cover everything with one Harmony XL.


The Traveller has a field of influence of 1.5m radius in all directions from itself. You can wear it in a pocket or other piece of clothing, or using the clasp, attach it to a belt hook, or wear it as a pendant. The clasp is not made to resist rough use or getting caught up, so wear according to the appropriate situation. We take no responsibility for any loss arising from the clasp failure.

It is designed to work within all areas of EMF exposure to mitigate any adverse effects of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart technology, 2-5G mobile phones, ring mains etc that we commonly encounter on the go which would otherwise harm the wearer. Keep one between the front seats in a car to protect the front passengers, and hang one from the middle headrest of the back seats to protect back seat passengers, especially in an EV. 

Medium/large breed dogs can wear a Traveller attached to their collar (we advise using 2 split rings of appropriate size) for their protection. 

The Traveller protective signal is not compromised going through airport or building security screening.

NB: Do not keep it where heat over 65C will permanently destroy the mitigating signal of the Traveller. Freezing will temporarily reduce the effective range.


Your Easycall button should be stuck close to the antennae (usually located at the bottom end of a SMART phone) onto the back of your mobile phone directly, or onto the case depending on whether you have a hard or soft case that may restrict you being able to apply it directly to the phone itself within the hard case . It will work equally well if stuck on the case. Do not stick it on the screen, or over your camera shutters.

When moving the Easycall to a new phone, slide a nylon thread between the Easycall and your old phone to take it off, clean off any residual glue, apply a new double-sided sticker and attach it to your new phone as above. Just pulling or trying to knock the Easycall off, or using a sharp blade or scredriver etc risks damaging the joint between the 2 parts of the Easycall which will invalidate the construction warranty.


The PCZone should be stuck on the back of a tablet near the antennae, or on the outer surface of a laptop lid. If you stick it on the back of a tablet or laptop make sure you protect any surface that  you may rest your device on. We take no responsibility for any damage that may occur to the surface caused by a PCZone by resting and/or sliding your device across it on the PCZone. 

If you are thinking of sticking it next to the keyboard of a laptop, make sure the lid can still close OK and won't damage the screen, or rest it there unstuck every time you use it. CMO takes no responsibility for any consequences arising from unwise positioning of the PCZone in this respect.

To move your PCZone to a new device, carefully remove the PCZone from your old device by sliding a nylon thread under it. Don’t try to pull or lever it off with a knife or other tool as this might damage and split the casing. Clean off any old glue, apply a new double-sided sticky pad and attach it onto your new device as above.


Whilst the Aircall creates distance between the mobile phone and headset electromagnetics and your ears and head during a call we highly recommend using an Easycall to protect your body from the EMF emissions both during calls and whilst you carry your mobile phone around on you between calls when switched on. 

The Aircall headset plugs into your phone and functions the same as any other headset, except that it isolates the speaker technology from your ears and shields you from your phone EMFs that would otherwise be transmitted to you via unshielded headset cables. If you have an iPhone or other model that uses a different jack socket you should have received an adaptor with your phone when you bought it that the Aircall headset will be compatible with.

NB:  Due to hygiene regulations, we are unable to offer reimbursement once a headset has been used. We can of course reimburse unused returns that are fit for resale.