Nate E. Lebowitz, MD, FACC

"I am a cardiologist mostly focusing on prevention, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity. Although I am a medical scientist and trained academically, I am increasingly becoming more involved in integrative, functional and nutritional medicine and cardiology. More and more of my patients are voicing their worries over EM ionizing radiation, and I have tried to help find them consumer technology to help protect them. In an exhaustive search, Comosystems is overwhelmingly superior to all the others and the most supported by real published science. I am so impressed that I want to put my name behind it in recommending only the best products. Patients know that my referrals to other doctor specialists and product recommendations are always “like gold” and that I never compromise. I cannot allow anything to influence me other than my patients' best interests. Thanks for a great product."

- Nate E. Lebowitz, MD, FACC Hackensack School of Medicine at Seton Hall, USA Clinical Assistant Professor of Cardiology

The testimonials here are just a fraction of those received worldwide from people who's health and wellbeing has been significantly improved by the use of CMO technology.

When many of the adverse effects of EMFs are non-specific, by definition it means that other things can contribute to general symptoms of malaise. In the rare event that you are still suffering from some symptoms having tried CMO technology for 30 days as per our money back guarantee (see Ts & Cs for details), it means that there is something else that is contributing to your ill health that you ideally need to identify so that you can avoid and address it/them. This may be something to do with diet, other pollutants in products you use or in your environment (eg heavy metals), or something else unknown. CMO will still be benefitting you and helping to protect you from EMFs which will ultimately make it easier to solve your multifactorial health issue. When someone has significantly debilitating health issues that are multifactorial it is unlikely that one product or unilateral approach will be successful on its own. Having said that, the ion-channel stabilising effect of CMO technology can help mitigate for other factors that might disrupt their normal function in more mildly affected individuals. 

Harmony & Traveller Testimonial

"As a bio hacker and as a coach, before I recommend things to anybody, to my clients, to my groups, to the people who follow me, I want to test it and I want to see if I can get measurable results. 

I had no expectations, but I was blown away!

The minute that I put this in my house, my Heart Rate Variability* (HRV) went sky high. I was lucky if I hit 50 before this. Now I'm in the high 50s. I've seen 60s, 70s, 80s, obviously other things that I do in my day to day life also affect my ability to recover. 

What this magnetic oscillator has done for me is that it has raised the bar on my recovery, and therefore on my day to day performance.

So, I'm super impressed. I think it's an amazing device."

Holistic Nutritionist, Human Potential Coach, Epigenetic Coach

*HRV is a measure of the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the nervous system. The higher the score, the better.

Harmony & Easycall Testimonial

"I was getting two complaints; really a lot of pain in my fingers from using my phone, and quite a lot of brain fog, especially when I was in this room, in our living room, because I can pick up about five or six different Wi-Fi signals in this room. 

I've got a toddler. She is one year old.  I was concerned about her health as well as for my partner and myself. 

So, I have to report that with a certain amount of scepticism, within 10 minutes of setting the Harmony up in the living room, my head cleared. ... I was suitably sceptical, so it really impressed me. 

And the pain that I was getting in my fingers was like a hot burning pain. It's pretty much gone I would say by 90%. 

So, I'm thoroughly impressed with the product.  I just wanted to give them a thumbs up. 

And my young daughter. She is 14 months and she is going through a difficult time teething, and she can get upset, especially at night. I didn't want her to be suffering from the effects of the EMFs too. So, at night I take it in, and I put it by the side of her crib. 

I have to say that I think it has a positive effect on her. 

So overall, a big thumbs up! Thank you Comosystems. 

Yeah, go buy it. Give it a go."

Holistic Horse trainer

Sleep Testimonial

And I can tell you, you know, you can see I look tired at the moment.  I haven't actually slept properly in five and a half years. 

Part of the EMF problem. One of the reasons why I can't sleep is because it affects melatonin, which is why we can't sleep properly. As well as lots of other science showing that it's connected to diabetes and cancer and all of these things. 

We don't want to shield out the Schumann Resonance, the background frequencies from the Earth. This does not do that. These products do not do that. They don't shield out the background frequencies and resonance. They don't combat the healthy frequencies that we actually need to cope with. What they do do is they negate the unhealthy ones. The EMF’s, the Wi-Fi, the satellites, the everything else that we're all a bit worried about. 

 2 Days Later 

I Slept! I Slept! I Slept.!!!

Hope T.
Mother, businesswoman and entrepreneur

Dr Geoff DePaula Interviews Michel Aerts of Comosystems SL

Chicken Embryo Mortality from EMFs

EMF effects on Ants and Mitigation with CMO Study

The video summarises a study performed by Dr Cammaerts on the effects of EMFs from a Wi-Fi router on the ability of ants to perform their normal activities. Ants are used in research because the are known to be sensitive to EMFs and are thus a good indicator to demonstrate how CMO can help mitigate for their adverse effects.

pdf.pngThe study script can be viewed as a pdf here.

Listen to Dora Walsh of UK Health Radio interview our CEO about EMFs

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