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Biohacking with CMO

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is about taking full control of your own biology.  It is the desire to understand the body and mind you've been given, and, using everything at your disposal – diet, cutting-edge technology and science, spirituality and whatever else – to become the best version of yourself that you can be. It is about pushing the boundaries of what we understand, thinking laterally and holistically and implementing what we know to better ourselves, because in doing that we better humanity.

"If you want to change the World, start with yourself..."

Mahatma Gandhi

Biohacking looks at every aspect of how we function and attempts to maximise every single part.  If we get it right then everything acts synergistically so that the overall enhancement of who we are is better than the sum of every small improvement that has contributed to the whole. However, we are only as good as our weakest link.  We need to identify what weakens us and turn that negative into a positive if possible, or at least neutralise or mitigate for it.  Chronic inflammation is probably the No.1 negative weak link in everybody. 

EMFs are no friend to Biohackers

EMFs are proven to 

  1. Contribute towards chronic inflammation, primarily through disruption of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels (VGCCs).
  2. Damage DNA.  How can you maximise your DNA potential if you do nothing about the EMFs that have been proven to cause genomic instability and disrupt the expression of your genes?
  3. Disrupt hormones and hormone balance
  4. Disrupt glucose metabolism
  5. Increase membrane permeability eg allowing heavy metals to cross the Blood Brain Barrier and causing leaky gut
  6. Reduce immunity
  7. Cause infertility

Unlike many negative influences on the body that Biohackers are trying to eliminate, such as inflammatory foods that we might eat only 2 or 3 times a day, we are continuously exposed to EMFs 24/7/365 and are constantly being kept in a chronically inflamed state.

EMFs are holding you back from being the best you can be, whatever else you are doing to biohack your body.

Biohacking with CMO

Compensating Magnetic Oscillator technology by Comosystems is proven to mitigate for the adverse effects of EMFs.

-  They stabilise VGCCs to help prevent chronic inflammation,

-  They help normalise hormone levels,

-  They maintain membrane integrity and

-  Help reduce DNA damage.

CMO technology was proven through years of R&D by top scientists to develop the technology in the first place. It is also proven to work by different researchers in different Universities and Laboratories around the world who tested CMO to make sure it has real and reproducible biological effects. CMO research has been published in peer-reviewed Journals and presented by different Scientists who are experts in their own field at different Scientific Conferences.

Whatever else you are doing to Biohack yourself to be the best you can be, CMO mitigates for the chronic inflammation caused by EMFs that we cannot escape from.  Your body is enabled to respond better to whatever other changes you are making to your diet and lifestyle etc.

The Bar Cart on the left is a diagrammatic representation of how EMFs may be holding you back from fulfilling your true potential and how adding CMO technology may amplify the different positive changes you are introducing to improve your health.

Whether it is nutrition, exercise, supplements, psychology or brain enhancement EMFs will inhibit what you are trying to achieve.

CMO mitigates for EMFs and allows your body to adjust and get the full benefits of what you are improving.

Whilst there has been no research to look into anything other than EMFs, it is possible that the way in which CMO works to reinforce normal homeostasis may also mitigate for other adverse influences on the body.

CMO chosen for Dave Asprey's Q4 Subscription Box 2019

Comosystems are proud to have been selected and approved by Dave Asprey's Biohacked company to be sent out as part of this year's Q4 Subscription Box. Only products that are recognised to do what they claim are allowed to be included. Given that Dave Asprey is the father and founder of biohacking who continues to lead and push back the boundaries of this ever evolving field, it is an honour to receive this recognition.

Benefit from helping others

If you are a Biohacker and Influencer you can help yourself by helping others to introduce CMO technology into their Biohacking regime to enhance their results.  Click through using the link below to sign up to Comosystem's Biohacking Affiliate scheme.