Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)

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Do Our Products Protect against 5G?

With all the Stories and general conversations that are circulating, at the moment, we just wanted to say… 


Comosystems products cover the current frequencies of the 5G network.At the moment, this cannot move to the higher frequencies (high-end spectrum) until the full 5G mast infrastructure is in place. 

This isn’t expected to be completed for a few years in the UK and longer in many other countries. 

Comosystems is conducting ongoing research and testing and will upgrade or introduce new products when necessary. 

Remember all Electromagnetic Radiation from 2G, 3G and 4G affects your immune system.

How do Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) affect our immune system?

Our immune system is our defence against invading harmful microbes.

 If our body encounters something new, the immune system starts a series of events to enable it to stop the current threat. 

 Scientists have found that the level of exposure to EMFs we encounter every day from cell phones, masts, WiFi and all the electrical equipment we rely on can disturb our immune system and how it responds. 

 EMFs can make it under or overactive. Both of which are a problem for different reasons. 

Are You Suffering from constant Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure?

Electromagnetic Radiation is all around us every day.Smart phones, smart meters, laptops, ipads, baby monitors and more. 

We are constantly bombarded with Wifi, bluetooth, microwaves and other bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

And outside Our house or office are the Cell masts on roads or buildings (look up and you see everywhere, more and more!) or Smart Meters attached to a neighbours house.

Daily Symptons

EMF's Did You Know?

Did You Know...Cell phones were allowed onto consumer markets without any proper government safety testing?

And Did You Know...Most phones (in the legal fine print!) tell you not to hold the phone close to the body (ie against your ear or in your pocket) and to use the speaker phone where possible?