Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)

Summary of CMO technology

Each CMO contains a microcrystalline solution which is activated by the incoming electromagnetic radiation from polluting devices. Thus activated, the CMO generates a 12Hz hyper-weak signal of 150 femtoTesla power as measured by a Super Quantum Interference Device (SQUID). This is the non-polarised compensation signal.

This compensation signal resonates with, and correctly resets the various different ion receptors within the cells of living organisms.  This primarily restores the correct functioning of various different voltage-gated ion channels, but especially Calcium's VGCCs in the cells of the body despite the presence of disruptive artificial electromagnetic radiation.

The CMO does not modify the intensity of the fields emitted by polluting electromagnetic devices.  It does not disturb or interfere with their normal operation and does not constitute an additional electromagnetic pollution. It is therefore not possible to see any alteration of the EMF readings on an EMF meter.

Proof of Efficacy

The proof that CMO technology works is the body of peer-reviewed research that demonstrates normalisation of those biological processes that are disrupted by EMFs. The compensation signal of the CMO is a hyper-weak and bio-active signal, which directly opposes the electromagnetic stress generated by the polluting radiations.

  • CMO has over 10 years of biological and clinical experiments, in hospitals and independent university laboratories, and is ongoing to ensure product development to cover for any new biological activity by recently introduced frequencies and signal modulations.
  • CMO effectiveness has been confirmed in international peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Apply the Precautionary Principle as advocated by the European Council against the risks of Electromagnetic waves for the body.