Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)

Thanks now Sleeping

Watch the video Where Hope tells us she hasn't slept properly for 5 Years!

After using Comosystems Harmony in her house, she sleeps and becomes very excited...

So Happy Comosystems Harmony has helped You and Your Family.

Hope Says...

That will combat the EMF in the house. 

And I can tell you, you know, you can see I look tired at the moment. 

I haven't actually slept properly in five and a half years. 

I wonder why. 

I can't wait. I Can’t wait. 

And part of the EMS problem. One of the reasons why I can't sleep is because it affects melatonin, which is why we can't sleep properly. 

As well as, you know, lots of other science showing that it's connected to diabetes and cancer and all of these things. 

We don't want to shield out the human residence, the background frequencies from the earth. 

This does not do that. 

These products do not do that. 

They don't shield out the background frequencies and residence. 

They don't they don't combat the healthy frequencies that we actually need to cope with. 

What they do do is they negate the unhealthy ones. 

The EMF’s, the Wi-Fi, the satellites, the everything else that we're all a bit worried about. 

 2 Days Later 

I Slept. I Slept. I Slept. 

I Slept too. 

You slept in your own bed, didn't you? 

Yeah.All night.Yeah, I did muumy. 

Both of us to six o'clock this morning. 

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation.

✅ Eliminates the negative effects of EMR to our body and health. 

✅ Reduce the cumulative effects of Stress, Headaches and Fatigue caused by Wifi, Bluetooth, Phones and Internet Streaming etc. 

✅ Your children are at greater risk as they absorb 10 times more EMR. 

✅ Enjoy the Health Benefit of Peace of Mind, knowing You are protected.