Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)

Dave Asprey Biohacking Box 2019

Dave Asprey is the Father of biohacking, 3 x's New York Times bestselling author, Silicon Valley investor, entrepreneur and the man behind Bulletproof® Coffee. 

He is the founder of Bulletproof Nutrition, which reaches more than 1.5 million visitors monthly

Comosystems Traveller was selected for the Dave Asprey Quarterly  Biohacking Subscription Box!

Hey, guys, it's me, Dave, and it's time for box number 13 of the curated box that I put together for you every quarter.  

That's a lot of boxes. 

When I look at that and it amazes me that there's always something new and interesting coming out that I could share with you. 

I really enjoyed doing this.And thank you for being a part of this with me. 

You ready to go? 

This is, as always, way more than hundred dollars worth of value.So, you know, you're don’t know what your going to get. But you know, it's gonna be good. 

Pretty hefty box want to know what’s in there. Let's go. 

What could we be talking about? 

Well, one of the things in here that is particularly cool is the TR26 traveller by Comosystems. 

I heard about Comosystems when I was speaking in London at the Health Optimisation Summit, which is sort of the biohacking perspective out of the UK. 

And I thought it was kind of interesting that they were looking at EMF exposure.If you listened to the podcast, if you've been paying attention, you know that EMFs are incredibly useful because you know cell phones, but they also can have a biological effect on the voltage gated calcium channels in your cells. 

So they're not without risk, but they're extremely useful. 

They're a big problem, though, especially if you live in a big city where there could be hundreds or thousands of Wi-Fi signals disrupting your cells.You don't need to panic, but it's something that you can manage.Just like having stuff in your water that you didn't want. 

And since we know that they can disrupt that iron binding protein and we know that 5G is going to increase the problem. I think it makes sense to have a reasoned response to EMFs. 

You don't have to. We live in a blue lit microwave world and we are all going to die. 

But you can take steps that just make you more resilient and 

Comosystems has a 15 year research program to work on their tech, which is called Compensating Magnetic Oscillator. 

And these micro crystalline salt solution that reacts to radiation fields by emitting a compensating signal.And they don't block or change the intensity of transmitted fields. 

And they have 20 studies published measuring the efficiency of their products in mediating EMF radiation. 

So, the traveller pendant in your box has a measured effect for about three meters, about 10 feet. 

So, it's something that would protect the single person. 

They make other products designed for phones, laptops or even protecting a whole home or an office. 

And you can use the link on the card inside the traveller box along with your product serial number to get a two year warranty. 

And the packaging inside the box looks like Styrofoam, but it's not its hundred cent biodegradable.So, you can actually put it in dirt and it'll break down instead of landfill, which is something that I appreciate.I think we can all appreciate. 

No more microplastics in the ocean. 

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation.

✅ Eliminates the negative effects of EMR to our body and health. 

✅ Reduce the cumulative effects of Stress, Headaches and Fatigue caused by Wifi, Bluetooth, Phones and Internet Streaming etc. 

✅ Your children are at greater risk as they absorb 10 times more EMR. 

✅ Enjoy the Health Benefit of Peace of Mind, knowing You are protected.