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EMFs Compromise Pet Health

Whilst everybody tends to focus on our own and our children's exposure to EMFs it is easy to forget our furry friends. Our pet dogs, house cats and other pets typically spend more time at home than the rest of the family. It is impossible to argue the validity of research carried out on animals to test pharmaceutical products as a model for people without concurrently recognising that evidence for EMF damage in people must be equally representative of the harm being caused to our pets at home and other animals in the environment.

Most people go out of their home to work and/or for recreation. Dogs go out for a walk once or twice a day, and into the garden to answer the call of nature, but then spend the rest of the time in the home. Even cats that have access to the outside via a cat flap cannot necessarily escape EMFs unless they live in the countryside. In cities where individual houses and flats. each with their own WiFi for security, are very much closer together, their combined fields form a dense overlapping electrosmog. The accumulation of EMFs from internal and external WiFi and emissions from mobile phone masts that may be situated on top of the nearest tall buildings means there is no escape 24/7/365. The advent of 5G (and 6G in future) where masts will require placement every 20-50m, and the Internet of Things where multiple relays will be required in the home, is an escalation in the proximity to EMF sources and their higher power levels that has never previously been witnessed nor safety tested.

Smart meters and/or WiFi routers may be placed close to where our pets sleep, which means they are getting a stronger exposure than we experience even when we're at home. Electrical good are often concentrated in areas where pets sleep – in the kitchen or living room – all of which emit EMFs by virtue of being electrically powered. With increasing smart technology that links our mobile phone to the lighting, heating and cooker etc, the burden on our pets at home is rising fast both from the need for previously unpowered goods to be powered, plus the wireless communication to control their function. Electrical curtains/blinds which allows us to give the impression of being at home even when we're not are a good example of this.

There is considerable evidence that animals of all types are adversely impacted by EMFs. A study looking at wildlife found that birds that nested in camouflaged masts or within 200m had zero fertility and disrupted behaviour which could help explain not only the drop in wild bird populations but also the increase in infertility we are witnessing in younger people. Increased bad behaviour between birds was also noted. Whilst many pets are routinely neutered, the influence on behaviour is certainly possible. Birds are more susceptible to EMFs than mammals due to a piezoelectric effect that travels down the feather shaft into the body which amplifies the adverse effects, but in doing so gives us an insight into how we may be effected over a longer period of time with continual exposure.

EMFs all have the ability to cause damage based on their power, wavelength and exposure time. Ionising EMFs such as gamma and X-rays are well known to be able to cause considerable damage based on relatively few exposures for very short periods of time. Microwaves are used to cook food and people were advised not to stand too close to early microwave ovens in case of microwave leakage. The degree of cooking and the speed with which it occurs is determined both by the power of the oven and the cooking time. Lower power for continuously longer time will still cook!  Cooking occurs because fat and water molecules are super-heated to temperatures higher than would otherwise be experienced in conventional cooking techniques. This excess heat energy spreads out and cooks the adjacent protein and carbohydrate elements of the food. Food with a high fat/water content needs time for this heat to dissipate before eating or people will experience a nasty and severe burn in their mouth. Jump forward from the warnings of the 1980s to now and we are looking at using microwaves freely in the environment with continuous exposure for telecommunications. How this cannot effect our organs with high fat/water content (brain, eyes, testes, skin) or indeed impact on global warming has yet to be adequately explained.  It is interesting to note that microwave devices for crowd control have already been developed with videos available to view on YouTube. Based on the power/exposure time requirement for effect it is simply a matter of time before continuous microwaves cause damage to our health and that of our pets and other animals too.

Damage occurs from exposure to lower frequencies and power that are considered to be non-thermal too. In 1994 Bundyuk found that there were disturbances in the immune system of mice at a power level of 0.00000001μW/cm2. According to Kositsky, a power level of 0.00001μW/cm2 initiates a conditioned avoidance reaction in rats. As early as 1973, Dumanskij discovered that EMFs altered EEG, disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, enlarged adrenals, altered adrenal hormone levels and brought about structural changes in the liver, spleen, testes, and brain in white rats and rabbits at a power level of 0.06μW/cm2. Salford found that the blood brain barrier loses integrity at 2.5μW/cm2 and in the same year (1997) Magras found irreversible sterility in mice was induced by power levels of 0.168μW/cm2. The most recent of these studies quoted is 2001, yet no attention has been paid to them or the warnings of many highly qualified scientists in numerous petitions and appeals.

Whilst these are results from experiments on smaller laboratory animals, larger mammals including dairy cows have also been adversely effected. Adverse effects on fertility, milk production and hormones have all been detected. In 2002, San Francisco rejected installing city wide WiFi based on a report which included references to these and other papers including one where adverse effects were seen in blood cells from cows from a farm close and in front of radar which showed a significantly higher level of severe genetic damage. It is not unreasonable therefore to consider that all animals ranging in size from mice to cows are thus adversely impacted by EMFs at levels that are officially considered to be safe.

Given that Hart found that dogs are sensitive to small changes in the Earth's magnetic field it makes sense that they will also be effected by electrical fields which always have an associated magnetic field.

If we consider that the ICNIRP permitted power level that is considered safe according to current international standards is 900μW/cmand the allowed safety level in Russia is only 10μW/cm2 then it becomes apparent that the current safety levels employed throughout the vast majority of countries are wholly inadequate. 5G was halted in Brussels and Rome because installation of masts required higher than permitted levels of power and the masts need to be situated very much closer to the population. To allow such placement of masts with power levels above safety levels that have already been called into question is nothing short of madness according to Prof Martin Pall.  It sounds like a conspiracy theory but the figures don't lie and they are systematically being ignored by the vast majority of authorities.

There are much wider-ranging implications if we consider the disruption that EMFs have on our insect life. Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, a recognised expert in the biological effects of EMFs has spoken out about how EMFs can disrupt the cryptochrome and thus the activity of bees which are essential for pollination of our food crops. Another study looking at the action of a WiFi router on the activity of ants foraging for food found significant changes in their angular and linear velocity and thus their ability to function normally, with some individuals being completely debilitated. Dr Cammaerts also found that using a Compensating Magnetic Oscillator by Comosystems returned the ants' behaviour to normal.

Scientists including Dr Goldsworthy and Prof Martin Pall of Washington State University have identified a number of biological effects that result from EMF exposure. These include DNA damage, changes in calcium ion binding that lead to chronic inflammation and disruption of hormones. These can have significant impact on the health of us and our pets.

Chronic diseases arising from these effects are on the rise at ever younger ages.  The stress of modern day living cannot be the cause in pets that we often blame in people which places the suspicion on environmental factors, of which the rapid rise in EMFs must be considered to be significant.

The smaller size of pets relative to people means that EMFs penetrate proportionally further into their body, but their rapid growth when young where cells are dividing fast is also important because disruption to DNA at this stage can lead to chronic problems later in life which may not be reversible.  The problem of course is that Veterinarians aren't taught to recognise or consider the possibility that chronic exposure to EMFs may be a significant factor in ageing and chronic inflammatory disease such as heart disease, cataracts, skin issues and arthritis etc

The good news is that the Compensating Magnetic Oscillators (CMO) by Comosystems have been found to mitigate for the adverse effects of EMFs in the home. Simply by placing a Harmony or Harmony XL in the house prevents the EMFs initiating their biophysical effects that lead to DNA damage and Calcium ion disruption that triggers the inflammatory cascade.

All humans and pets within the range of a Harmony device are thus protected. No other company operating in this field has as much research, all of it positive,  as the CMO technology.


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