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Electromagnetic Pollution interferes

with Body, Mind and Spirit?

Body, Mind and Spirit are inextricably linked. When Prof Fritz-Albert Popp describes us as “beings of light”, how can EMFs that have been proven to affect our physical health not impact on our mental and spiritual health in parallel also?

We know through fairly basic physics that waves interfere with each other. When we consider that Quantum physics tells us that everything is constructed from 12 energy waves and 4 energy fields that link the entire universe then it is not a big leap to see how external Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) must cause interference. The following information will provide the measurable evidence to support this position in more detail.

However, perhaps if we briefly consider the parallel situation where microwaved food loses biophotons, that Prof Popp has discovered are what we absorb as light energy from food (it's vital force), then we should not be surprised if cumulative low-power EMFs over an ever widening range of frequencies with 24/7/365 exposure will reduce ours. When our store of fundamental energy is depleted (from biophoton loss), our own vital force that maintains our health in every way reduces with subsequent disorder that favours disease in the body. The greater the loss, the more severe are our symptoms and more of them. When our vital force is reduced so are our higher abilities to connect.  Our ability and power of intention will inevitably suffer too.

With chronic disease having been on the rise along with increasing anti-social behaviour that is a symptom of increasing disconnection, at a time when EMFs have risen exponentially (despite warnings from scientists), it would seem that this parallel association is highly likely to be more than just coincidental. The proven ability to mitigate the adverse effects of EMFs with CMO technology therefore potentially offers considerably more than just physical relief.

The Problem

Whether most people are aware that they have a problem with EMFs or not, the fact is that we are all exposed to them continuously and the most common symptoms of adverse reactions are non-specific. This means that symptoms such as those listed below are often blamed on modern lifestyle, work, stress and everything but EMFs. Of course we evolved in an environment that included natural EMFs from the Sun, the Earth and outer space, but the level of exposure due to man-made sources that we currently experience must now be considered EM pollution. The rise has happened so quickly that we cannot adapt that fast. If we could see it in the same way we see other types of air pollution, our vision would be severely hampered, hence the other commonly used term “electrosmog”.

Safety regulations have not kept pace with research and the Telecoms Industry is in the same sort of denial position that the Tobacco Industry found itself in with smoking and cigarettes. The big difference, of course, is that we have no choice and cannot escape the EMFs.

When it comes to babies (unborn and born), children and growing teenagers their increased vulnerability makes it all the more important to be aware of the problem. They are our future. Research has indicated that undifferentiated stem cells are significantly more at risk than adult differentiated cells. Babies and children are not just small adults when it comes to EMFs. This is our motivation to make the CMO range available to you today.

Realistically, telecommunications isn't going away and is here to stay. Most people given the choice of ditching their mobile phone, tablets, PC/Mac and smart technology etc to prevent illness would probably still choose the convenience of technology. People are hooked and it's big business.  However there is another option that has been developed by an international team of top level scientists that has been incorporated into a range of devices for different situations that mitigates the adverse effects of EMFs. They are Compensating Magnetic Oscillators by Comosystems.

Do You Suffer From ...?

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Heart arrhythmia

  • Depression

  • Reduced fertility

  • Poor memory and concentration

  • ADHD and ADD

  • Behavioural problems

  • Cancer

Many of these non-specific symptoms also cross-over with other recognised issues such as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), yet EMFs are never considered as a cause. Most cases of SBS occur in the workplace where technology levels are high.  Different businesses in the same building all have their own locked WiFi with fields that overlap, Bluetooth equipment, a concentration of iDECT and mobile phones etc. Many cases of SBS are investigated without success as they concentrate on air quality and flow. There is another cross-over in that high EMFs increase the production of mycotoxins from moulds which have been implicated in some cases of SBS, yet nobody is questioning why the moulds are so productive?

Reduced fertility has been on the rise for some years, and although not the whole answer, EMFs must be considered a significant factor. Research has demonstrated lowered fertility from EMF exposure and many men carry their mobile phone in a front pocket right next to their testicles.

Women are perhaps most vulnerable as a foetus, baby and child because they are born with their full complement of ova. Exposure of the ovaries or their germ cells prior to birth and during their developing years will therefore potentially have much longer term and severe consequences on fertility if the DNA is damaged.  Hormone disruption as an adult can also be a factor.

Prof Martin Pall of Washington State University has predicted that it will take approximately 5 years from the completion of the 5G network to cause mass sterility.

It is no coincidence that the majority of these non-specific symptoms are head, and more specifically brain related. Water and ionic content of the eyes and brain is higher than other organs and more easily influenced by EMFs, especially when the biggest source of influence for most people will be their mobile cell phone that they hold right next to their ear for extended periods of time. In babies and children where the brain is still developing after birth, such influences can unfortunately lead to irreversible changes. It has also been suggested that higher levels of heavy metals in the brain perhaps make it more likely for the brain to receive such EMFs too. Given that inflammation caused by EMFs increases the permeability of the blood brain barrier this becomes a vicious cycle alongside greater provision of the heavy metals too. This is made all the easier by similarly increased permeability of the digestive mucosa (Leaky Gut) that leads to Inflammatory Bowel Disease and resultant immune imbalances. Yet another area of chronic disease that is increasing in incidence.

Comosystems have the most published research of any company in this area. In one study involving 567 people where CMO was used in their office environment, 30% of all non-specific complaints of office workers' disappeared. Other published research by Reading University found that improvement of environmental work conditions improved self-assessed productivity by 10%. CMO can therefore have as significant an impact on office worker health, (and therefore business productivity) as it does for the health of a family in the home.

5 + 10 Simple Ways to Reduce

Your Family's EMF Exposure

5 Must dos…

1. Hard-wire your internet using Ethernet cable. If not possible then switch your WiFi router off at night – best to put it on a timer to go off an hour before bed so you aren't tempted to use gadgets just before sleeping.
2. Use the loud-speaker on your mobile phone to make calls or an Aircall headset, or text.
3. Ensure your Smart Meter is situated as far from everyday living spaces as possible.

4. Do not carry your mobile phone next to your body unless in Airplane Mode (AM). If you must keep it active, then do not leave it tucked into your bra or in a pocket. Once you have sat down, take it out and place it away from you.

5. Keep your devices in Airplane Mode as much as possible. Periodically check for messages and texts, deal with them and then put the device back in AM. Switch on roaming data only when you need it.

10 Additional Tips to Reduce EMF Exposure

1. Children of all ages are most at risk. If they are going to watch a film or play a game on a device, download it whilst it is on a table, put into AM and then let your child use it offline but not in close contact as the device itself puts out it's own EMFs.

2. If you need to use a baby monitor, do not put a wireless monitor anywhere close by, especially near the head! Preferably use a wired baby monitor, or at least place the wireless baby monitor just outside his/her door where you can still hear if your baby cries.
3. Unplug appliances when not in use like wireless printers, blenders, toasters, and coffee makers. They give off EMFs even when not in use.
4. Minimise the number things plugged in, like alarm clocks, lamps, fans etc, in the bedroom. Electric blankets should be unplugged, not just switched off, when you are in bed. Hair driers/tongs etc should also be unplugged when not in use. Do not recharge your mobile phone or other devices in your bedroom. Use a battery-operated or manual wind-up alarm clock. If you must watch TV in bed, unplug it before going to sleep.
5. Metal springs in mattresses act like mini aerials and will create electromagnetic fields in your bed. Consider using a foam or latex mattress instead, along with a grounding sheet in your bed to help

your body eliminate accumulated EM stress. Walking barefoot in summer does that too.

6. Ditch your cordless landline phone. They emit similar microwave radiation to mobile phones so use a wired phone instead. If this isn’t an option, use the speakerphone whenever possible and keep calls short.

7. Limit mobile phone use in the car. Your phone periodically pings the closest mast to update it’s location. When you’re in a moving vehicle the phone updates more often, sending out more radiation. You can use GPS on iPhones without a WiFi signal. Calculate your route using your home or roaming WiFi signal before driving and once your phone has it stored, you can put it into AM.

8. Place laptops and tablets on a table when in use and don't rest them on the body

9. Use CMO technology to mitigate adverse effects when you are using technology and to cover for signals from sources you have no control over. There is a range of devices to cover all situations.

10. Don't use a wireless security system if possible. Opt for wired instead. Do the same with any other wireless systems like home theatres, intercom systems, and so forth.

Elite Scientists

Comosystems have developed a range of devices called Compensating Magnetic Oscillators (CMO) that mitigate the adverse effects of EMFs. These have been developed by a formidable array of Scientists and Medical Doctors from France and Russia primarily. Their expertise in this field and the successful research that has been published around the world for over 10 years cannot be dismissed and/or considered anything but the highest application of cutting edge Biophysics and Quantum Physics.


Director of research into fundamental biophysics of electromagnetic biocompatibility and CMO technological development.

Dr. Vladimir N. BINHI

PhD. in Mathematics and Physics

Head of Electromagnetic Biophysics Laboratory, General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Consultant Director of Physics and Biophysics Department for Comosystems,

Expertise: Quantum physics and magnetic processes in molecular systems.

Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Official WHO correspondent for Russia


Prof, Doctor of Medicine, Scientist

State Scientific Centre of Russian Federation - Institute of Biophysics (SSCRF), Moscow, Russia

Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

Member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia


Doctor of medicine General practitioner Medical Research Director for Comosystems


Doctor in Neurosciences

University Reader in Immunology and Parasitology

Biological Research Director for Comosystems

Expertise: neuro-endocrinology, immunology

For over 10 Years CMO devices have consistently proven their ability to mitigate the adverse effects of EMFs in scientific papers and studies

There are many more elite level scientists involved too who have been involved at very high level research including but not limited to ....

  • Prof. Madeleine BASTIDE, Professor Emeritus in Immunology

  • Dr. Laurence BONHOMME-FAIVRE, Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Head of Pharmacy-Pharmacology Service - Paul Brousse teaching hospital, Paris, France Associate professor, PARIS XI University

  • Prof. Anthony G. CANAVAN, B.A, M.Phil.,M.A., D.Phil., AFBPsS, C.Psychol. Professor of Clinical Psychology, Institute for Health Services Research (IHSR) University of Luton, UK

  • Dr. V.S. STEPANOV, Deputy Director, State Scientific Centre of Russian Federation - Institute of Biophysics (SSCRF), Moscow, Russia, WHO adviser

  • Prof. Gerald J. HYLAND, Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics

  • Prof. Reba Goodman, Professor of Pathology, Department de Pathology, Columbia University Health Sciences, USA

  • Dr. Marco Francisco PAYA, Doctor of medicine, Director of the IMI, Spain

  • and others

The Science behind the Solution

The science behind Compensating Magnetic Oscillators (CMO) can be broken down into fairly easily understandable parts but first we need to understand a bit about the role of Calcium in the body. Most people recognise that Calcium is needed structurally for strong bones and teeth, but this is far from the limits of its function in the body. Calcium takes part in virtually every physiological function. Disruption of the role of Calcium can and does have widespread ramifications with multiple and varied symptoms.

The ions in our body (calcium, magnesium, potassium ions, etc.), apart from their biochemical function, also have physical properties including oscillating and rotating movements.These movements generate characteristic electromagnetic microwave signals of certain frequencies that have been accurately identified. These are an ion's signature.

The problem is that the operating frequencies of our electronic devices correspond to the spectrum of signatures of these ions, in particular Ca2+. This overlap of frequencies creates resonance or interfering effects (well known in basic physics) at the cellular level.

The Ca2+ ions in their protein cavities have characteristic rotation and oscillation frequencies within the natural magnetic field in the body which gives an overall circular movement.

The circular movement of these ions is described as having a natural cyclotron radius which is characteristic for each type of ion.

The addition of more energy to this system as happens from EMFs causes excitation of the ion and increases the cyclotron radius of the ion.

Once the cyclotron radius has been altered and increased, the ion remains at the heightened energy state and the larger radius persists.

The calcium ion (Ca2+) is held within proteins embedded in the cell membrane by biophysical forces. When the cyclotron radius is enlarged as a result of external EMFs it changes the threshold at which the Ca2+ is released from the protein binding and alters the functioning of the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel (VGCC) through which the Ca2+ enters the cell, allowing Ca2+ to flood into the cell.

When Ca2+ enters the cells it sets off an inflammatory cascade that is the basis for a whole array of non-specific stress responses that manifest as the symptoms people commonly experience when exposed to EM pollution. We know this mechanism is correct because Prof Martin Pall discovered that these same symptoms could be prevented by giving people pharmaceuticals that block VGCCs. Chronic exposure to EMFs therefore leads to chronic inflammation which is the basis for many diseases that have been steadily rising, including cancer.

How the Inflammatory Cascade is set off by EMFs

In the opposite way to how EMFs disturb the Ca2+ binding within their proteins, Compensating Magnetic Oscillators (CMO) use the phenomenon of resonance to reinforce this binding force which returns the threshold for the release of Ca2+ back to normal and corrects the regulatory function of the VGCCs.  CMOs contain a crystalline solution that hold and emit the necessary resonant frequencies that were meticulously identified by the elite scientists in the Comosystems team. The range of effect is determined by the volume of the crystalline solution within the CMO, with the Harmony XL (for larger homes and offices) emitting an influence of radius 16m, down to the Easycall and PCZone that are designed to be used on a mobile phone or laptop/tablet where people often hold it right next to their head or body.

In the diagram below the first tuning fork is made to resonate by hitting it and the sound waves set off a sympathetic vibration in the 2nd tuning fork. It doesn't matter how hard the first tuning fork is struck, it will still create a sympathic vibration at distance. In this way, it is possible to see how a CMO, stimulated only by the EMFs can emit the correct signal that maintains the biological function. It only takes a weak influence to sufficiently reinforce the natural processes by the action of the sympathic frequency that is generated in the body.

Research using CMO not only confirmed the degree of Ca2+ influx into cells from exposure to EMFs but showed that CMO was able to mitigate this adverse effect.

The additional point to note is that this result also counters the claim that the safety levels set by the International Commissionon Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) from whom most Government Authorities take their lead, are adequate.  For years these regulations have set EM radiation recommended limits according to the assumption that adverse biological effects can only happen at power levels sufficient to cause a heating (thermal) effect. Countless research papers have contradicted this and there have been 37 different Appeals from scientists and Doctors since 1997 that have called for further independent research to verify their findings.

The Telecoms Industry however is bigger and more powerful than Pharma and are pushing for further relaxation of safety rules to allow higher power EMFs from 5G masts.  A whole new infrastructure is currently under construction to provide as much coverage as possible for the coming flood of Smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) that will massively increase both the amount of exposure we get and the power levels we are exposed to.  It is highly likely that this will be rubber-stamped in the name of technical advance which makes putting mitigating measures in place now all the more important.

The Most Proven Research

Whilst the regulation of Ca2+ controls the inflammatory cascade that leads to a wide range of symptoms, EMFs also cause damage to DNA, disrupt hormones and add to stress as the following selection of CMO research papers has found.

This is just a selection of the results that prove not only that EMFs below the level that we are exposed to every day are causing adverse biological effects, but that CMO can mitigate them to improve our health and happiness.

Of course EMFs do not only adversely affect humans. Our pets often spend far longer time in our homes, exposed to WiFi whilst we go out to work, and they often sleep in areas where Smart Meters may be fitted or where our WiFi Router is situated. Being smaller than people the EMFs penetrate proportionally further into their body too and will cause exactly the same effects as described above.

When it comes to wildlife, they too are adversely impacted by EMFs.  Research by Dr Marie-Claire CAMMAERTS in Brussels into the effect of EMFs on ants found that a WiFi router can severely restrict their ability to function and collect food.  Ants are used as a typical representative of other insects.  The possible role of EMFs in Colony Collapse Disorder in bees cannot be understated although almost totally overlooked. Without proper functioning bees, pollination and our future food crops are at very significant potential risk. As the World population rises, crop failure becomes ever more significant too. In the same research, a CMO Harmony placed by the WiFi router returned the function of the ants to normal.

Some EMF masts in the countryside have been made to look like trees in an effort to blend in with our surroundings. Another research paper looking at the effects of EMFs on wild birds not only discovered that birds who nested in masts, or in trees within 200m of a mast, failed to raise any chicks at all, but that adverse behaviour in these nesting couples was also witnessed.  This manifested not only in terms of difficulty or failure to build a nest but adverse behaviour between couples too. Is this a symptom of their failure to connect, to lose their spirituality or just a physical response to disrupted cellular function? Either way it would seem possible that EMFs contribute and has parallel connotations with the rise in anti-social behaviour and intolerance in people.

The CMO Range


In summary,

  • EMFs have been proven beyond doubt to cause adverse effects in how we all function.

  • These adverse effects have been proven to be able to occur at exposures that we all experience every day.

  • Foetuses, babies and children are more vulnerable although all adults are adversely affected too. Your pets are also at risk.

  • Safety regulations and limits are wholly inadequate and likely to be further relaxed for 5G and the IoT.

  • Symptoms are non-specific so are varied and widely experienced, but rarely correctly attributed to EMFs.

  • The symptoms experienced as a result of EMFs can be mild or debilitating but in either case, chronic exposure can lead to the most serious health complications over time.

  • There are actions and precautions we can take to minimise our exposure but realistically we cannot escape EMFs.

  • CMO devices have been scientifically developed based on meticulous research into EMF effects and how they interfere with our biology.

  • CMO devices mitigate adverse effects of EMFs using sound principles based on well understood Physics. They prevent the Ca2+ influx into cells that sets off a cascade leading to inflammation, hormone disruption and DNA damage amongst other effects.

  • EMFs are only going to increase in amount and range of frequency. 6G is already being developed...

  • People need to take responsibility for their own health and that of their loved ones to mitigate the adverse effects as soon as possible. Authorities are not motivated to do anything about it and are overly influenced by the Telecoms Industry and the desire to keep abreast of technological advances so as not to disadvantage businesses compared with international competitors.

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