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General Overview

This section will continue to expand and provides educational information and links to resources to verify that Electromagnetic (EM) pollution is a real problem. There are also links to independent research which has established that CMO technology (formerly called TecnoAO) is an effective means of mitigating the adverse effects of EM pollution.These resources include Videos, Reports, Scientific publications, newspaper articles and reports from various national and local Governments (France, Italy). They cover all aspects of EM pollution and it's effect on our health. Some authorities have started to take action in response such as banning WiFi in Primary Schools.

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Proof that EM Pollution is a genuine hazard

The full version of the film Generation Zapped can be obtained here:

Below, Dr Martin Pall, Emeritus Professor of Washinton State University gives an overview of how EMFs can cause biological effects at levels lower than those considered safe according to official regulations, and he explains why 5G will be considerably worse.

Useful Websites

The following links are just some of the many websites that list thousands of published peer-reviewed papers detailing the dangers of EM pollution.

In 2011, EU Council Resolution No. 1815 recognised the WHO statement that EM pollution is a Class 2b possible carcinogen, and the increasing evidence against EM pollution. It acknowledges the frequent deliberate delays in implementing legislation based on the Precautionary Principle whereby citizens should be protected where there is reasonable evidence to suggest it is necessary even if the science is considered to be inconclusive.

Calls by Scientists and Drs for research and protection

From 1997 to 2018 there have been 37 appeals/documents/petitions from many different Doctors and Scientists who have called for research and restrictions on EM radiation to re-evaluate current safety levels which they consider to be out-dated. Here are links to just some of them.

2005 - Helisinki Appeal

2012 - Freiburger Appeal updated from 2002 

2014 - BabySafe Project 

2014 - Canadian Physician's Appeal

2017 - 5G Appeal

2018 - International EMF Scientist Appeal

Research and Scientific Validation of CMO technology

Peer-reviewed Publications

1. Effects of mobile phone radiation on reproduction and development in Drosophila melanogaster. Weisbrot D, Lin H, Ye L, Blank M. and Goodman R. Journal of cellular Biochemistry: J Cell Biochem. Vol. 89, Issue1, 2003, pages 48-55. 

An increase in synthesis of the stress protein HSP 70 is a sign of cellular stress (and also of the hyper-activation of the DNA's SRE sequence. It shows that a factor that is toxic for the body is present. The stress protein HSP 70 is considered to be a significant marker for evaluating environmental pollution. The test involves quantifying HSP 70 synthesis in the living systems studied which are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from a mobile telephone. The trial results provide objective data of a large cellular stress linked to exposure. The presence of a compensatory oscillator (CMO) reduced HSP 70 by 73% compared to the increase seen in unprotected exposed subjects. The technology used in this protection was called TecnoAo which has been improved and renamed the Easycall.

2. Yayoi Satou, Akiko Hara, Kouji Oono, Hiromi Kikuchi, Hiroe Matsuzaki, Tatsuto Namba and Mikio Miyata. Ocular functions loading by visual display terminal and the effect of TecnoAO. Japanese Review of Clinical Ophthalmology 11: 1634-1636 / 32-35.

3. Youbicier-Simo B.J, Messagier R., Fillion-Robin M. Review of studies validating the protective efficacy of a new technology (Tecno A.O. = CMO) designed to compensate potential adverse bioeffects caused by VDU and GSM cell phone radiation. The Journal of the Portuguese Society for Radiation Protection (IRPA) , Vol I, N 8 and 9, pp 105-123, ISSN 874-7016. 2000-2001

Abstract:  A total of 13 studies were initiated and coordinated by Technolab Research Center in 6 laboratories from 3 countries (France, UK, Japan). These studies were aimed at: 1) investigating potential adverse biological effects associated with exposure to non-ionizing radiation emitted by two types of communication devices; video display units and cell phones; 2) assessing the efficacy of a compensation magnetic oscillating technology designed to protect from non-ionizing radiation. Five types of biological systems including chicken embryos, young chickens, healthy mice, mice suffering from cancer and humans were used. A set of 10 biological parameters were assessed, including embryonic mortality, hormones, antibodies, haematological parameters, stress, mood, ocular damage, neurogenesis, micronuclei formation and intracellular calcium. Overall end points were affected by irradiation, in terms of increased embryonic mortality, immune depression, depletion of hormones crucial for the regulation of the immune system, changes in haematological parameters, increased stress, mood alteration, induction of ophthalmic disorders, inhibition of the neurogenesis in brain areas associated with memory processing, induction of symptoms of cell dysfunction, apoptosis or cancer, and disruption of trans-membrane fluxes of calcium. On the other hand, the compensation magnetic oscillation technology tested allowed significant correction of altered physiological parameters, as well as improvement or disappearance of observed pathological symptoms.

4. John Jukes et al. Computers and Health in the Workplace. Healthy Buildings 2000 "Exposure, Human Responses and Building Investigations”, Syr Indoor Air Vol. 1, 2000, pages 119-124

5. B. J. Youbicier-Simo, F. Boudard, C. Cabaner, and M. Bastide. Biological Effects of Continuous Exposure of Embryos and Young Chickens to Electromagnetic Fields Emitted by Video Display Units. Bioelectromagnetics: vol. 18, N° 7, 1997 pages 514-523

6. Santini R, Messagier R, Claustrat B, Fillion-Robin M, Youbicier-Simo BJ.  Video screen exposure and 6-sulfatoxymelatonin urinary excretion in women. Pathol Biol (Paris)  2003 Apr;51(3):143-6.

7. M. Bastide, B. J. Youbicier-Simo, J.C.Lebecq, J.Giaimis. Toxicologic study of electromagnetic radiation emitted by television and video display screens and cellular telephones on chickens and mice. Indoor and Built Environment: vol. 10, N°5, 2001, pages 91-98

The following eminent scientists have presented various papers at different Conferences and Symposiums over recent years.

  1. Prof. Madeleine BASTIDE, Professor Emeritus in Immunology, Pharmacy Faculty – Immuniology, Parasitology Laboratory - Faculté de Pharmacie - Montpellier 1 University, France
  2. Dr. Benoît-Jules YOUBICIER-SIMO, Doctor in Neurosciences, Montpellier, France
  3. Dr. Jean-Luc MARANDE, Doctor of medicine, Specialist employment service doctor, Hospital doctor. Cochin-Tarnier Teaching Hospital Group, Paris, France
  4. Dr. Laurence BONHOMME-FAIVRE, Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hospital Pharmacist, Head of Pharmacy-Pharmacology Service - Paul Brousse teaching hospital, Paris, France, Associate professor, PARIS XI University, Paris, France
  5. Dr. Marie-Claire CAMMAERTS-TRICOT, Head of working group: Faculty of Sciences. Campus of Solbosch CP160/12, avenue F.D. Roosevelt 50, 1050 Bruxelles BELGIUM. Research Units / Biological Evolution and Evolutionary Biology and Ecology (EBE) Projects: Biology of Biology of Social Insects Laboratory of Evolutive Etho-Ecology, CP 160/12 DBO Faculté des Sciences, Université Libre de Bruxelles 50, Av F. Roosevelt, 1050 Bruxelles. The following video summarises her study into the effects of EMFs on ants and the mitigating effects of CMO Harmony (in French)
  6.  Dr. Vladimir N. BINHI, PhD. in Mathematics and Physics, Head of Electromagnetic Biophysics Laboratory, General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Quantum Physicist and Official WHO correspondent for Russia.
  7. Prof. Gerald J. HYLAND Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. 1998-2001 - Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics, Warwick University, Coventry, UK. 2001- Associate Fellow of Warwick University, Coventry, UK. 1997- Member of the Executive Board of the International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss-Holzheim, Germany. 1965- 91 - Work on biophysics with Prof. Herbert Fröhlich, F.R.S. 1985 "From Theoretical Physics to Biology : The Forward Path of Theory with Herbert Fröhlich". International biophysics expert on the interaction of exogenous non-ionising CEM (MW) with the endogenous activity of coherent microwaves in living systems. Government consultant on the potential risks of mobile telephones and their non-thermal health effects. Advisor to WHO.
  8. Prof. Marc HENRY. Teacher-researcher and Professor at the University of Strasbourg where he teaches chemistry, materials science and quantum physics.

Prof. Marc Henry presented a paper (in French) on electromagnetism and water, within which he gave an unsolicited analysis and appraisal of CMO technology. You can see that section of his talk with subtitles here