Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)

What is CMO?

C.M.O. stands for Compensating Magnetic Oscillator. It is the name given to the underlying technology developed by Tecnolab-COMOSYSTEMS Laboratories.  It is used throughout the range of products designed to compensate for the adverse effects everybody experiences from exposure to various electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from different common sources. Everybody is affected whether you are aware of it and consider yourself electrosensitive or not. Some individuals are recognised to suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) which severely debilitates them. National figures for EHS range from 1.5% to 13% with an average of about 8% of the population according to different National Statistics.

The CMO is a passive system. This means that it is stand-alone and is not "powered". It does not plug in, need recharging or need batteries and therefore does not generate its own polarised EM pollution.

What is the “compensation signal”?

The CMO compensation signal maintains the ion-protein binding which is disturbed by the polluting EM field at the cellular level. This reinforces the natural biophysical functioning of the cells and organs throughout the body. Professor Martin Pall and other scientists have independently confirmed that it is the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels (VGCCs) that are primarily adversely affected by EMFs which control intracellular Calcium influx.  Calcium ions play a crucial role invirtually all cellular and body functions that explains why EMFs have such wide-ranging and varied effects in different people. Other voltage-gated ion channels are also adversely affected by EMFs and compensated for by our CMO technology. The following explanation gives more details on how CMO technology works.

The Science behind the Solution

The science behind Compensating Magnetic Oscillators (CMO) can be broken down into fairly easily understandable parts, but first we need to  understand a bit about the role of Calcium in the body. Most people recognise that Calcium is needed structurally for strong bones and teeth, but this is far from the limits of its function in the body. Calcium takes part in virtually every physiological function. Disruption of the role of Calcium can and does have widespread ramifications with multiple and varied symptoms.

The ions in our body (calcium, magnesium, potassium ions, etc.), apart from their biochemical function, also have physical properties including oscillating and rotational movements. These movements generate characteristic electromagnetic wave signals of certain frequencies that have been accurately identified. These are an ion's characteristic "signature".

The problem is that the operating frequencies of our electronic devices correspond to the spectrum of signatures of these ions, in particular Ca2+. This overlap of frequencies creates resonance or interference effects that are well understood by biophysicists at the cellular level.

The Ca2+ ions in their protein cavities have characteristic rotation and oscillation frequencies within the natural magnetic field in the body which gives an overall circular movement.

The circular movement of these ions is described as having a natural cyclotron radius which is characteristic for each type of ion.

The addition of more energy to this system as happens from EMFs causes excitation of the ion and increases the cyclotron radius of the ion.

Once the cyclotron radius has been altered and increased, the ion remains at the heightened energy state and the larger radius persists.

The calcium ion (Ca2+) is held within proteins embedded in the cell membrane by biophysical forces. When the cyclotron radius is enlarged as a result of external EMFs it changes the threshold at which the Ca2+ is released from the protein binding and alters the functioning of the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel (VGCC) through which the Ca2+ enters the cell, allowing Ca2+ to flood into the cell.

When Ca2+ enters the cells it sets off an inflammatory cascade that is the basis for a whole array of non-specific stress responses that manifest as the symptoms people commonly experience when exposed to EM pollution. We know this mechanism is correct because Prof Martin Pall discovered that these same symptoms could be prevented by giving people pharmaceuticals that block VGCCs. Chronic exposure to EMFs therefore leads to chronic inflammation which is the basis for many diseases that have been steadily rising, including cancer. Various scientists are now calling for EMFs to be up-rated by the World Health Organisation from a Class 2b "possible carcinogen" to a Class 1 "Known carcinogen". A National Toxicology investigation in the USA revealed increased risk of gliomas (a type of brain cancer) associated with increased exposure to EMFs.

How the Inflammatory Cascade is triggered by EMFs

In the opposite way to how EMFs disturb the Ca2+ binding within their proteins, Compensating Magnetic Oscillators (CMO) use the phenomenon of resonance to reinforce this binding force which returns the threshold for the release of Ca2+ back to normal and corrects the regulatory function of the VGCCs.

CMOs contain an active solution that holds and emits the necessary resonant frequencies that were meticulously identified by the elite scientists in the Comosystems team. CMO active solutions are microcrystalline solutions programmed by frequencies that are “tuned” to specific biological targets (directly or using their harmonics) in order to restore their natural activity. This microcrystalline solution "memorizes" these useful frequencies to offset the effects of polluting EMFs and then emits these infinitesimal countervailing signals. These corrective properties of the CMO active solution are acquired by their physical treatment using a proprietary technique. The range of effect is determined by the volume of the crystalline solution within the CMO, with the Harmony XL (for larger homes and offices) emitting an influence of radius 8m, down to the Easycall and PCZone that are designed to be used on a mobile phone or laptop/tablet where people often hold it right next to their head or body.

The phenomenon of Resonance is well established in Physics and is explained by the diagram below.  When the first tuning fork is made to resonate by hitting it, the sound waves set off a sympathetic resonant vibration in the 2nd tuning fork. It doesn't matter how hard the first tuning fork is struck, it will still create a sympathic vibration at distance. In this way, it is possible to see how a CMO, stimulated only by the EMFs will emit hyper-low and bioactive electromagnetic signals that correctly maintain the normal biological functions that EMFs disrupt.

The electromagnetic environment and pollution activates CMO devices in the same way that a neon tube placed near to a high voltage line will light up.  Thus activated, the CMO microcrystalline solution generates hyperlow signals, tuned to the natural frequency of ionic calcium, magnesium, sodium, lithium etc. at the cellular level. Through their own resonant properties these signals reinforce the correct cellular frequencies to overcome those emitted by the EM pollution. This non-ionizing, non-toxic, oscillating microcrystalline CMO solution produces a magnetic induction of ultra-low intensity, measured on a par with magnetic inductions of biological origin; in femto Tesla by SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device). The signals emitted from CMO, thus measured, are equivalent to the intensity of radiation of the body organs (especially the brain): about 150 femto Tesla.  Although only measured as a weak hyperlow influence, it is sufficient to reinforce the natural cellular processes by the action of the sympathic frequency that is generated in the body at the cellular level.

Research using CMO not only confirmed the degree of Ca2+ influx into cells from exposure to EMFs but showed that CMO was able to mitigate this adverse effect.

The additional point to note is that this result also counters the claim that the safety levels set by the International Commissionon Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) from whom most Government Authorities take their lead, are adequate.

One way that EMFs are measurement is by the intensity of the waves, expressed in Gauss or Tesla for a magnetic field, and in volts/m for the electric field. For artificial electromagnetic waves (mobile phones, WiFi, TV, radio, antennas and transmission towers for mobile phone etc.) we measure the transmitted power (or more specifically the power density) which is defined as "the rate at which energy flows through a known surface", the measurement being taken at a distance of several wavelengths from the radio frequency source. This power density is expressed in Watt/m2. Devices are given an SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) figure and is the official parameter used to quantify the "danger" level of the emitted waves.  It is the quantitative measure for an exposure close to the source and corresponds to the measure of the amount of energy absorbed by the body. Historically, it was thought that EM radiation could only have a biological effect if it generated heat. This has since been proven to be completely wrong, but Regulatory Authorities have not changed to reflect the scientific fact that it is not necessary to have thermal heating for a biological effect to take place. For years the ICNIRP have set EM radiation recommended limits according to the assumption that adverse biological effects can only happen at power levels sufficient to cause a heating (thermal) effect.

However even taking this into consideration a French study published in 2017 found that when the SAR for the vast majority of popular mobile phones is measured with the phone touching the head, as many people frequently use them, the levels of EMF absorption exceed current set SAR limits.  Many phones have a warning hidden in their small print not to use the headset within 15mm of the body, but even if you obseve this for calls, safety limits are exceeded if you carry your mobile phone in your jeans pocket or tucked into your bra.

Countless research papers have contradicted ICNIRP recommendations and there have been 37 different Appeals from scientists and Doctors since 1997 that have called for further independent research to verify their findings.  Doctors, in the Frieberg Appeal of 2002, stated that EMFs even then had become an obstacle to effective treatment. Levels of EMFs are considerably higher now and with a much wider frequency range than back then.

The Telecoms Industry however is bigger and more powerful than Pharma and are pushing for further relaxation of safety rules to allow higher power EMFs from 5G masts.  This was the basis for why the local authorities of Brussels and Rome halted installation of 5G in 2019, but few other authorities have been brave enough to follow suit.  A whole new infrastructure is currently under construction to provide as much coverage as possible for the coming flood of Smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) that will massively increase both the amount of exposure we get and the power levels we are exposed to.  It is highly likely that this will be rubber-stamped in the name of technical advance which makes putting mitigating measures in place now all the more important.

The Most Proven Research

Whilst the regulation of Ca2+ controls the inflammatory cascade that leads to a wide range of symptoms, EMFs also cause damage to DNA, disrupt hormones and add to stress as the following selection of CMO research papers has found.

For further details on the peer-reviewed published scientific research papers that validate CMO, see the Research Results page under "About Us" and you can also download the Scientific Summary pdf from about half way down the General Information page.


The lifetime warranty is a minimum of 2 years because biological tests carried out at the University of Montpellier that were made two years apart, with the same CMO, gave exactly the same results in terms of protection at the biological level. The 2 year length also takes into consideration physical wear and tear to the devices that they may endure from unsympathetic daily use on mobile phones or tablets/laptops etc.  Given the 100% maintenance of effect that was demonstrated by the Montpellier study, and in-house tests on devices that are 15+ years old that were found to have maintained their original levels of activity, it is indicative that the beneficial effects will continue to last and provide many more years protection against the technologies they were originally developed to compensate for. However, the techniques and frequencies used by telecommunications and other electronic devices change over time. In recognition of this we regularly update the emission spectrum of our CMO products and carry out research checks to ensure efficacy is maintained. Tests are ongoing with 5G.