Comosystems products protect YOU against the frequencies currently used by the 5G networks. (See Blog)


Are you a Doctor, Naturopath or other health practitioner? 

Are you a Health Store owner, conscientious electrical supplier/contractor or just someone who wants to make additional income from buying and selling CMO devices? 

For those who are prepared to invest in stock up front to retail on to customers we can supply you at wholesale prices that give you a higher return than becoming an affiliate. 

As an affiliate you don't handle stock and just promote your link to earn commission.

If you are looking to buy a larger volume one-off order for your business to protect the health of your employees then we can provide you with a single bulk buy price. 

Please contact us to discuss your situation and expected volume purchases and throughput so we can supply you with the most appropriate wholesale or bulk buy prices. 

NB: In order to qualify for these better prices compared with the affiliate commission, all stock must be paid for at the time of ordering before being sent out. 

Of course there is nothing to stop you being both a Wholesale Buyer and a member of our Affiliate Scheme too!! 

Please contact us at for all such UK and Ireland enquiries.